BVMHOST will provide a quality service for its clients at sensible prices.

Web site design, programming and publishing including e-commerce
BVMHOST both designs and programmes electronic web pages and e-commerce solutions, which become their clients 'brochure' to market their products and services on the Internet. The entire process is carried out from by the BVMHOST technical department.

Web site search engine registration
Once BVMHOST has designed and published a web site, value is then added by advising the clients on how best to get the web site marketed so as to ensure the maximum number of visitors. We are experts in this field and produce an online report that clients pay to access.

BVMHOST can provide Intranet installations and the web sites that allow secure and user-friendly internal document sharing.

Domain names
BVMHOST will register all domain names with the appropriate governing bodies.

BVMHOST offers unlimited e-mail accounts to its Web Site clients.

Maintenance and updating of web sites
Research has shown that companies tend to update their web sites at least twice a year. BVMHOST expects to generate the same revenue that was spent on the initial Web Site again in maintenance and other charges in the first twelve months.

Web site hosting
Once a web site has been designed the customer then requires servers to host the site. The customer has the option of either installing its own servers,-at a typical cost of 5,000 - 10,000 - or having BVMHOST act as host. The majority of customers choose BVMHOST.

CD ROM programming
BVMHOST is able to programme items such as product catalogues on to CD ROM. Because BVMHOST programmes in HTML, the work involved is the same as if it were programming a Web Site.

We also provide a package of bespoke services such as consultancy.

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